What is AmarillasInternet?

AmarillasInternet is one of the leading companies in the marketing of online ad directories in the Yellow Pages area. We operate in 35 languages and over 170 countries, with offices and business agents in all continents.

To know more about us, visit the customized page of the client who invited you to the program, or go to www.amarillasinternet.com and visit the following links:

Star Network Program

The program

The Star Network Program program offers users (Dataclickers) the chance to make money as part of a quick, dynamic and simple system.

The Star Network Program program is completely free of charge!

How does it work?

You will get a points for every click you make.

This is just the beginning! As Dataclicker, you can also invite newcomers and earn for every click they make.

Start your own business wherever you are. Invite an unlimited number of people to join your “Dataclickers” network, and earn incredible products to your use or to commercialize investing less than four minutes a day!

Sign up right now from the customized page of the person who invited you to the program and start NOW!

All our experience, at your service.

Increase your chances, manage your schedule and boost your business.

Earn by looking at Ads

Sign up free of charge and get the Standard “1 Star” membership, and start earning points that can be redeemed for exclusive products, one Aipoint for every click you or your direct referrals make.For more information, download our Dossier.

Obtain greater benefits

The Star Network Program offers a “scalable” system, so you can get greater benefits. The higher your membership is, the more “Referrals” you can add to your team. For more information, download our Dossier.

Invite new Members

You will get a customized page to invite an unlimited number of people to be part of your team of “referrals”. You can start making money and access our u$d 30, u$d 60 Triad Bonuses, depending on your type of membership! For more information, download our Dossier.

Multiply your Income

Increase your income with our different levels of membership: with your Premium “3 star” membership, you can make money with the clicks of your first 3 levels; with a Premium “5 star” membership, you will receive earnings for the clicks on your first 5 levels; and with the Premium "10 star" membership, you will get earnings on all 10 levels. In all cases, you take part in our Triad Bonus! For more information, download our Dossier.

How many hours a day would you like to work?

Discover the power of "leverage".

If you invite just 5 people to take part, free of charge, and each of them invites just 5 people, this is the number of Dataclickers that can be part of your team. If each of them works 4 minutes a day in your business, you get 258 daily hours worked...and just considering your first 5 levels of depth. Imagine what you can get by making money every time someone makes Dataclick on your 10 levels. This is the power of leverage, make the most out of it!

The more people you invite to take part, free of charge, the more chances you will have to make up a multinational team with hundreds and hundreds of people…

Payment Proof

Since 2008 AmarillasInternet has paid commissions for over U$D 80,000,0000* to our Affiliates all over the world.

Since our beginnings, we have maintained our excellence standards with every end customer and a continuous improvement on all products and services for all our Affiliates.

Our biggest support is the 40,000 paid Affiliates and over 400,000 free Affiliates that are part of our AmarillasInternet family.

*Value obtained from commissions received by our Affiliates from the different plans and ad selling.

Ad Prices

Bolt, Innovative, Visionary and Fun

We want to reward your participation!

Be part of our system of games, raffles and prizes. You can participate everyday and earn from u$d 0,50 to u$d 100 in cash, along with many other prizes, by just making clicks.

Ad Prices is easy to play.

Just enter a number in our game system and earn up to u$d 100 made available immediately to your account.

Every Dataclick opens up a special ad you need to visualize. You will have many chances, and once time's up, you will find out if you are the winner!

Prizes, monthly raffles and much more.

Coming Soon

Sign up and start making money with The Star Network Program!